Sunday, November 29, 2009

2nd version!

I personally like the 2nd one better. Of course.

Dum dum dum...

And now the moment you've (non-existent as you are) all been waiting for. my 3D final! Now. I did two versions. One was finished a week before the presentation. Then after submission, our lecturer started asking us whether WE were satisfied with our own work. That instantly put me into 'unhappy, must redo' mode. So I more or less kept the original structure but changed the design and look of the vehicle.

The assignment is for a multi-purpose military vehicle. The first version needs one man to operate it, whilst the second can be operated from base using computers and AI. The obvious inspiration for the look of the vehicles is a spider. And so I named them Archanid. Not very imaginative I know. Both versions are scouting vehicles, so they are lightweight and agile. The guns are there for them to distract the enemy while they make their escapse or for them to go down fighting if they didn't manage to flee.

I will post up the 2nd version in the next post. Blogger doesn't seem to allow me to have two pictures in one post.


Ah yes. Thundercats. Our final assignment. To redesign any 5 characters from Thundercats, with Lion-o being a must. The other 4 that I've chosen is Cheetara, Panthro, Wilykat and Wilykit.

I have put the Thundercats in a new environment and have adjusted their clothing as such because we all know that nothing screams gay like bulky men in leotards.

So their new environment is this. The Thundercats have escaped from Thundera minutes before it exploded only to land on earth during World War II. They have also happened to land in Germany. Beings aliens, they have no clue as to what was going on earth and have found refuge where they could and that meant joining the Nazis. As you can see, I have kept elements of the Nazi uniforms which include the black straps and the armbands. If you look closely at Lion-o's collar and shoulder I have actually given him a ranking in the Nazi army.

Note that I have made the ties and ribbons the colour of their previous costumes, except for panthro, because his skin is already blue, and he has a blue vest on.

Forgive me if they look stacked, because I did stack them ontop of each other without flattening the separate images, and I had to do so because we were required to print it out on an A3 piece of paper for our presentation.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No wait,... It's working.... right?

Oh good. It finally decides to work.

And now the explaining of the concept art, and cue lethargy setting in....

This is basically my solider, captain and general, in that order. Undead army, yadi yada yada....


Nobody bothers to comment. Consequently, I'm feeling rather tired about this whole uploading your work to your blog thing now.

I was going to upload my next piece of work, but Blogger is having its period and thus refuse to co-operate. So I'll leave this -sigh- uploading to another time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work again.

Now, this is my ranged weapon and is one of my favourite works.

It is a bone gun, used only by a particular high ranking demon (undetermined yet as of now, there is a possibility that I may use it in stories), and its bullets are impure human souls. Against other supernatural beings, the souls act as bullets would, whilst against a human, the bullet souls would then instead corrupt and taint the soul of that human and essentially turn the victim's soul into additional ammo.

P/S: All work posted up here are my intellectual properties and use of them without my permission will be a violation of copyright.

Monday, November 23, 2009

2nd piece of work

This would be the concept art for my monster dubbed Muraenid. The creature I picked out of the black box was an eel. And the stats that I rolled for it were 6 for strength, 1 for speed and 4 for intelligence.

As the lecturers had already pointed out, it is out of proportion, and that huge bit of shoulder there is too empty. I will do changes later on, but that's that for now. Note that all the work that I post up here were actual submissions for my assignments.